Plasma Cleaning System

The plasma technologies have long been used in a variety of surface treatments applications such as deposition, etching and surface modifications in semiconductor industries. With these technologies, plasma cleaning attracts increasing interests from display industries and SMT industries. Compared to vacuum chamber typed plasma cleaning solution, atmospheric pressure plasma jet provides a low cost solution, more consistency and cleaning flexibilities, uncontested by the former type.

PAM offers different kinds of plasma cleaning solutions which would help our customers to advance and improve upon their production process. We also supply customized system to meet our customers’ special requirements. If you need to know more about the plasma cleaning solutions and technologies, please feel free to contact us.


プラズマ技術は半導体業界では以前から沈積、エッチング、表面改良などのさまざまな表面処に使用されてきました。その中でも近年プラズマ洗浄はLCD産業およびSMT産業から大変注目されています。従来の真空チャンバーと比べ、大気プラズマ洗浄システムは 低価格を実現し、洗浄方法もフレキシブルで、かつての洗浄システムとは比べ物になりません。