About Us 企業情報

Established in Hong Kong in 1996, PAM started with offering consulting services, materials and facilities assembly/integration in the Semiconductor, Display, Disk Drive and Substrate industries. Our services reached Japan, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, P.R.C..


At the core of PAM’s operations is a galaxy of experienced engineers and professionals who are dedicated to servicing our customers’ needs. We strives to minimize our customers “cost of ownership” by customizing technologically intensive assembly materials and equipment in semiconductor, LCD, LED, disk drive, Substrate assemblies and lighting fixtures.


Milestone 沿革


Invited by Hong Kong Productivity Council as a key note speaker to introduce Chip On Glass (COG) technology and application

香港生産力促進局(HKPC)から招待を受け、基調講演者としてCOG(Chip on Glass)技術とアプリケーションを紹介。


Won the “Silver Award on Electronic Components design” presented by Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA) on a joint project called “Flip Chip/ Wafer Bumping” with H.K.U.S.T. and ISA Corporation Limited

香港科技大学、ISA Corporation Limitedと共同プロジェクトである“Flip Chip/ Wafer Bumping”が香港電子工業協会(HKEIA)の“Silver Award on Electronic Components design”を受賞。


Successfully developed & commercialized a new encapsulant with HYSOL, material with application in High Tg and fast curing in Low Cost Chip On Board (COB).



Invited by City University of Hong Kong as a guest speaker for “Conductive Adhesive Technology” and “Next Bonding Technologies” programmers

City University of Hong Kongにて来賓講演者として “伝導接着材技術” および “次世代ボンディング技術”を紹介。


Invited by Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a guest speaker for Flip Chip technologies.

Won the “Billion Display Award” presented by a Philips MDS with major set up in China. The Award celebrated the production of over one billion display panels by using solution developed by Toray Engineering Co., Ltd, Fine Process Division and PAM played a key role in driving the design and delivery of on-site support to our customers in China.

上海交通大学にて来賓講演者として、Flip Chip技術について紹介。

中国Philips MDSの “Billion Display Award”を受賞。  この賞は東レエンジニアリング株式会社のファインプロセス事業部が開発した装置により10億個以上のパネルディスプレイの生産達成を記念したもので、弊社は主に中国の顧客工場内にて現場サポートを実施していた。


Collaborated with Sony Chemical for Anisotropic Conductive Film in new application and market development in IC packaging.



Successfully developed & commercialized compact atmosphere plasma cleaning system with the use of compress air, Pajet. Less than 10 Contact angle can be achieved in a few mini seconds.



Achieved patent for Pajet application.

Portable Contact Angle measuring system, PCA, is successfully developed and commercialized.




Leveraged new LED technologies which enabled high-performing CRI, accurate and consistent CCT. Established WAKO to design and build linear lighting solutions in Architectural and Interior Design application.

Our linear lighting products have been widely used by global hotels, international airports, museums, historical featured buildings, royal palaces, shopping malls, high rise residential buildings and facilities.




Extended beyond the conventional use of LED technologies, in partnership with our light design company, we co-created illuminated crosses on the outer wall of the award-winning architect piece in Christ Methodist Church in Singapore.


2015 Apexlite brand is created to capture different value segments with highly competitive cost of materials.